Pi Drone Build Specific Objectives

In the 2018-2019 school year, students design and build drone from a 3D printed platform that they design and print.

Specific Goals and Objectives
Students will:
i. Evaluate drone builds
ii. Plan, develop, and build a successful drone platform
iii. 3D model and print a drone chassis
iv. Collaborate, document, and connect with online 3D printing communities
v. Select motors and propellers based on specifications provided by the teacher
vi. Build, test, evaluate, plan, and repeat until successful flights are generated
vii. Participate in organized drone flying event that also connect to the outside community

End Product
Students develop the ability to build and troubleshoot. Students learn collaboration and team building skills. Working drones. Drone flight day after project is completed. Engagement in online open source communities.

Necessary Items
Raspberry Pi Zero modules, power supplies, monitors, keyboard/mouse, sensor kits, external circuit boards, drone parts, remote control units.