Java Drone Evidence

Update – March 12, 2019

One of the major goals in the Java Drone project was to add to an existing Drone’s Java code to create a GRACE themed interface. The majority of this project has been coding for the students. They looked at the original interface, and then were tasked with creating their own GUI; this is the first time most of them have worked with graphical programming, GUI’s, and AWT’s. They have had to dissect two different versions of the code and then reassemble it to create the interface. The students have worked well as a whole-class teamlike unit, sharing code while each student keeping their individual creative idea. They also have been able to take elements of the original interface — like the information dealing with battery life, roll, pitch, and yaw — and embed this information into their new, creative interface. While they are not done with the project yet, we are incredibly proud of the progress they have made and kind of coding they have been able to do in this project.

Post-Tech Expo Update

During the Technology Expo this group of students were placed in charge of the Drone Cage in our Student Center. They taught our visitors how to fly the drones, gave them a “pilot’s license” to prove that the visitor had learned, and then let the visitor try to navigate the drone from one heli-pad to another. Most found out that it is a lot harder than it looks! In addition to teaching visitors how to fly the drones, our students were able to show off the different custom GUIs they made for the drone interface.